It’s Green

Better Than Yard Sales, Online Selling, Online Classifieds

It’s easy and convenient

We take away all the hassle from selling on your own

Give you the opportunity to clean out your closets

We donate unwanted items to the Mission


You should only bring in items to consign that you would like to see if you were shopping for yourself.

You get to unload all of the things that take up space in your life and make money too!


If your items meet our standards by one of our expert buyers we will give you merchandise credit plus 20% or cash on the spot.

There are couple of rules…  


  • Must be freshly laundered and free of any stains.  Any items with rips, fading, stretching, pilling will not be accepted.
  • Items recently purchased, at least within the last 2 years.
  • Must be presented nicely…folded in a box or bin is appreciated.

We strive to keep our inventory fresh, clean, fashionable and as close to new as possible.

This way our customers are guaranteed a successful shopping experience each time they visit.

We accept all seasons and no appointment necessary!

"Excited to hear that the friendly and fun atmosphere of LilyPads is expanding! You make it easy to drop in, buy and sell all in the same visit! Excited to know that you will now be focusing on clothing for the teen years."

− Jamie Peters

"Urban Rack is going to be an awesome expansion to Lily Pads! Dana has a sense of style that everyone is looking for and is always up to date on the latest fashion! My oldest daughter just turned 13 and is SO excited to go shopping at Urban Rack to find the latest styles at GREAT prices!"

− Kylie Dirkschneider

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